Share your Auxiliary Look

Most of us know about the Share Your Look thread, but is mainly set for player character builds.

Sadly I think auxiliary characters tend to be over-looked, even though they just as much customization options as players them selves.

This tread will be a place to show off your support characters, so lets be just as creative as we are with our mains.

To start things off, here is my Auxiliary: Danielle Fox

Danielle Fox (Front).png Danielle Fox (Back).png

Look breakdown: DeAlma One: Sky [In], DeAlma One: Sky [Ba], DeAlma One [Ou], Alis Hair, Fox Ears, Big Tail, DeAlma Pendant, No Sticker

I named all my Auxiliaries as horsemen of dead games. lol

Might go back and put some lip gloss and face paint on a few of them, just to bring out facial features. Depends how NGS goes.

Wild Star

pso20201026_235626_001.jpg pso20201026_235725_002.jpg


pso20201027_000455_003.jpg pso20201027_000530_004.jpg

Cosmic Break is more or less a bland blank slate right now.

I may have to recolor him at some point. Here's my latest build for him:


Pirate Maidens


And for those who missed my screenshots of Cosmic League in the other thread, here she is: pso20201027_002809_009.jpg

He's a true gentlegoblin, despite sleeping in the floor (his own choice)pso20200830_020637_001.png

Wondering how Cosmic Break would look in pink. (Since I have a lot of blue and red shades on the others.) pso20201104_151540_000.jpg pso20201104_151750_001.jpg

🤣 He's so manly! It's perfect! 😆 pso20201104_152051_002.jpg

New cute look for Cosmic League, since I'm going for the more serious type of style.

pso20201210_004036_085.jpg pso20201210_004041_086.jpg