Hello, I would like to inform that I found a translation error related to all the 'Detonation'-type weapons that are in the game. The error in question is in the weapons' potential named 'Challenger of Darkness'.

In-game, the potential states: "Increases Dark Blast Gauge boost, gauge amount potency & Luther transformation time" Most of this is correct, except for the fact that increases the transformation time of the ELDER Dark Blast, not Luther.

I checked the japanese game wikis for the Japanese version of PSO2, and those wiki state the same thing as the description we have on Global, save for the fact that it increases the Elder Dark Blast's time. The information I found even specified that a lvl 3 version of Challenger of Darkness increases Elder's Dark Blast timer by 7 seconds.

I performed tests in-game and used Dark Blast while having a Detonation weapon equipped as my currently selected weapon, and whenever I choose Luther, I see the timer starts at 60 and counts down. But when I choose Elder with that Detonation weapon in hand, I see that the timer starts at 67 seconds.