Name: Oracle Type: Superactive/Social Active Timezone(s): All Alliance Requirements: Be active, be supportive, and have fun Home Base: Block 12 - Franca's Cafe Alliance Tree Maxed: ALL BUFFS MAXED

We are a very active community of PSO players of many different skills levels. As the leader of Oracle my most active time is 6pm to 11pm EST. We have strong leadership available at all times of the day and like to stay active and get our alliance involved in Trigger nights, Casino nights, Challenge Mode days Halloween Costume contests and more.

The more active our alliance becomes the more we are able to do. Part of a small alliance network working with other alliances in Block 12 and beyond to keep activities going in all of ship 2.

I’m looking forward to meeting and playing with all new members. Join us and help to make the PSO2 community awesome.