[Ship 2] CYPHER is now recruiting!

If you're looking for an alliance that's active, social and plays together then you're a perfect match for CYPHER. Here in CYPHER we help players old and new get well acquainted with the game and we focus around playing with eachother and meeting new people. You'll usually find us hanging around on Block 1 when not much is going on and we have been an alliance since the start of the PC release.

Alliance Tree Buffs!

⚔ Attack +20%

🛡 Defence +20%

📖 EXP +10%

🔶 Meseta +30%

♦ Rare Drop Rate +10%

If any of this sounds interesting to you feel free to reach out to me or my fellow officers and we'll get you squared away

  • Leader: Zen#0101
  • Officer 1: M O S T I M A
  • Officer 2: Reveses
  • Officer 3: HypnoCircle

Or you can also reach me at my Discord "Zen#0101" Hope to see you soon!

[bump] 20 people joined as of last week and we are now sitting at 74 strong. You better hurry up before we get full! 🙂


i would like to join, the one i'm on only two people play including me out of 9.