Good afternoon Ladies, Gentleman and Mags of all ages. I am Jenson and I welcome you to join the Seekers of Tea Alliance. My co-leader and myself are running a very casual alliance, in which we team up to do various activities at random times of day. We are stationed in the UK so we use GMT time. Any person is welcome to join, we have no specific requirements (aside from tea).

Do note: this is an alliance run in the most casual way possible, we do not have any schedule or any goals. We are a new alliance and doing our best to grow a tree (for some reason).

Information about Jenson: I used to play PSO back on GC under the name "Flibble", I have only just got into PSO2 as it came to steam. I was born [REDACTED]. Now I live as an orange Rappy.

If you think you this is right for you, please either message me on here or find me in Ship 4.

Have a wonderful afternoon.