Lagging/stuttering which then leads to the game completely freezing on xbox one x

I don't know why but it just randomly happens it happened when I first started playing then mellowed out then stoped, then I took a break and now again I am having this issue you can run this game on a toaster with less issues and this is what is keeping me from getting back into the game

I already had said this more times that I can remember the problems you are having is related to the game not being coded for the Xbox and since rush mode has started the chances of those issues being fixed in the current engine of the game are pretty low, so unfortunately you gonna need to get used to it or change for PC that doesn't suffer with these problems

for the time being i have swapped to using my laptop to play pso2 cause of this very issue on xbox has annoyed me to my wits end. along with when the issue happens in UQ it can hinder the entire group as your game is stalled so is everything else.

@Jamesmor well I'm stuck with it I hope new whatever don't do this bs

@ShadowBlood89 well at least you can play good for you