Castrum Demonica: Hostility no 300% exp boost

Exp seemed liked it wasn't boosted at all when playing it.

At lvl 90, I get almost a level without the 300% boost and.... got almost a lvl with the 300% boost (which should have been more like a level and a half).

I definitely got more exp from the 100% exp boost on pso2 day.

@RikaPSO Could be broken modifiers, that aren't applying the percentages properly. So it might be a bug. That or someone put a soft cap on stacking bonuses.

Is Bugged.

alt text

The XP Icon is also missing compared to the other UQs

I'm also getting less minimum XP when compared to running on PSO2 Premium Day with the Same Boosters. So can personally confirms it doesn't work on it.

Due to it not working at all, you might as well run G3+ Buster for XP instead of this.