Lillipa rock

Hi guys I'm having a hell of a time trying to farm for lillipa rock. Is this rock really rare because I can't find it for my life.

It is "rare" but you can Mine it from any of the three Lillipan expeditions. It is a Rare Small-sized Mineral-type, so Tokyo Red Seabream Teriyaki or Seafood Stew (both give a +400% Mineral rate) are your best bet to increase your chances of getting it.

In addition, the first time you start mining on a new planet, your rare and once more rates for the planet are set to 0. This is force-increased during a Fever after 13-15 gather attempts. (I'd recommend using fishing first then mining when fever occurs.) So that you can get a rare or once more during the fever to level up your rare/once more rate's base value.

Add onto that that during Fevers you get 2 to 3 of an item at a time instead of just one.

Thank you so much guys