can't connect to server new 630 with steam

steam pso2.JPG

I say Yes : it launches a japanese versio n of the launcher, then when I play I can't connect to any ship ( instant error 630

I say cancel, it exits launcher, if I restart it does the same and ask again... I can't play at all,

Yes I checkd file on english launcher, on japanese launcher before starting

for easier search @GM-Bleed , I write also the text here from picture : Phantasy Star Online 2 is attempting to launch with the optional parameters show below " ( changes depending on graphic quality choice , scale 1 to 6 from environment settings ) "

If you did not request this launch or do not understand these options, select Cancel.

So, for info I go to the steamapp file and with steam running, I open PSO2.exe and not PSO2launcher, and it solves the issue so I guess it's a way of fixing it ..