Error 630 on UQ completion/ can't use support contact

I'm beyond frustrated right now. I've been seeing far more disconnects with a 630 error for PSO2 lately. This morning , after admittedly the most grueling Black dragon, I was disconnected after the final cutscene and was unable to loot. It didn't even teleport me. I've noticed this happens most often with the unskippable cutscenes. Furthermore its been a nightmare trying to submit a support ticket. I put in my email and opt in then it loops back to ask me to log in. I even tried a different browser and my phone. Could someone help me with this I spent a lot of time in there and burned through items I spent money for.!pso20201024_020222_004.jpg I just realized it doesn't show the log. that's not my toon I'm not even there./

I started having issue like this the last few days. I am suspecting its either an routing issue on the internet or a problem with the MS Cloud server side. I have tried different computers and different launchers and it seems to happen on all. I have also run trace routes from my home connection and other than some high response times from where My ISP hops off to MS server cluster, I am not seeing any issue off hand. I would try running through a VPN just for testing but they have been working hard on banning TOS violators and don't feel like getting a permaban.

Just out of curiosity, do you mind giving a bit more details? Client, Location, ISP?

For me: Steam and MS(Tweaker), US Texas, Spectrum.

@DarkstalkerX99 Just wanted to add to this that the same thing is happening to me. I can't do anything without constant disconnects. I can't figure out for the life of me what is going on. I've tried everything at this point and I don't see it talked about so I don't feel like its an issue. I talk to an npc = disconnect. I do an emote = disconnect. I got to another location = disconnect. I beat a boss = disconnect.

My router is brand new. My cables are a little old and I'm replacing those because I'm out of ideas to do at this point. Then I read your post.

I'm using steam, Texas and Spectrum as well. Coincidence?

Same thing here, been dealing with the looping issue as well. It's bizarre since i have recieved tech support from the PSO2 team when i was using the microsoft store.

@DazedDay , there are some things you can try to see if it will resolves this issue. I managed to get back to normal after trying a few different things. Its possible that the IP block I was on was old/bad and should have been refreshed but sometimes the modem/CMTS that feeds it get stuck on the old address. You can check what you current IP is and compare it to the logs on PSO2 and see if the login IP and the current is the same. (IP Chicken is a good site to hit up to see your current IP) If it is, getting a new IP could fix the problem.

Normally rebooting the cable modem will fix it but not always. If rebooting does not work, try factory defaulting the modem. If all else fails, the only other method would be to swap the modem.

Unfortunately there is no process from Spectrum's side to manually refresh the IPs due to how the technology works. About the best they can do is send a signal hit to the modem and try to reboot it remotely.

Hope this helps you. Also the reason I know some of this is because I used to work support when Timewarner Cable was around.