Getting disconnected specifically when I try to claim pvp scratchcard.

As the title says, internet is completely fine and functions if I try to do other things during the time of the DC. Does it on both wired and wireless connections. It's always at the precise moment where I click on the scratch, then the wheel spins nonstop for a minute and I get the 630 error and booted. I'd like to PVP for some extra SG but this is making it really frustrating.

I've also noticed something similar where I get DCed when I interact with boss teleporters, but it's not as consistent.

Anyone know whats going on? I'm on comcast and using the microsoft store version if that helps.

might be something to do with graphics card or maybe might need to turn down some graphical settings to help out.

Tho might help out to power cycle your computer an maybe the router