Let's make some guesses for the CBT!!

That'd be a pretty good assumption for everyone tbh, as for Voices I'm just excited for English voices after hear JP voices the past 6 years.

@BespokeGibbon94 , I believe that might be the case too. Being a new game release, there's a chance some 'legacy features' that were kept around for compatibility's sake had been removed (e.g Old-Type Weapons). As such, I don't really see the old Matter Board progression system (that was pretty divisive as well apparently) making a return though that we'll find out soon enough. One of the later (post Episode 5) updates brought back the Episode 1 prologue and allowed you to set the current Episode to Episode 1-3 (encounter NPC s from those Episodes in the lobby as you would have when those were active)... even triggers Lobby cutscenes if I remember right.

@oNazri all types of wrong lol. If they said progress was going to carry over, why in THEE hell would they start us off on 4 or 5? lol