Coated Weapon All Weapon Camo?

From all my searching, I only found that there were Coated Weapon Camos for certain weapon styles, but not all. These included Sword, Double Saber, Twin Machine Guns, and Talis at least (As these are used for the protagonists weapons in Episode 5 cutscenes).

Any chance at a combined Coated Series Camo that covers all the applicable weapon types at once? I like the look of Coated Weapons, especially for Hero, but so far only Coated Edge and Coated Doubliss are in game so far.

in JP soon they gonna add a coated camo that will cover all weapons

From the shot of the livestream, *Coated Weapon won't cover all weapons, just the nine from the non-Luster Scion classes (ie. Sword, Doublesaber, Katana, Soaring Blades, Rifle, TMG, Rod, Talis, and Wand). Additionally, you have to trade in a copy of the all of the individual Coated camos for it.


So, no Coated love for Gunblade, Partisan, Wired Lances, Launcher, Twin Daggers, Knuckles, Bow, Jet Boots, and Harmonizer.

Well darn, only the weapons used by non-Luster scion classes, and you have to turn in a copy of each individual coated weapon skin? That seems like a tall order, all I have is Coated Edge and no idea how to get Coated Doubliss, much less any of the others. I presume they'll either be rewards for something or maybe in scratches at some point?

@Kuja-Feralus Doubliss, I believe is obtainable as a random prize from Arena matches, and the others will likely be added through campaigns or as special drops at some point (maybe whenever they add another Limited Quest or ARKS Boost Rally).

Coated Edge has had four different sources on Global so far:

  • For clearing an urgent quest in at least 4 different urgent quest windows during February's closed beta.
  • As the reward of a Use Group Chat campaign.
  • As a rare random scratch prize after Battle Arena matches.
  • As a rare drop in the Episode 1-4 Limited Time Quests we had prior to Episode 5 launch.

Only the third of these is still possible today, but the supply given by the Use Group Chat campaign will keep its value lowered for a while. I expect if we get this exchange in the future there may be another accessible distribution closer to then but you may not wish to assume that.

Coated Doubliss has only had two sources, and they are both shared with Coated Edge as the last two items on the list above. This means it still has a supply today. Since there was no widely-accessible campaign its value is considerably higher and anyone who wishes to collect the series for this exchange may wish to consider the possibility of one existing between now and the exchange being added on Global.