100 years after the events of PSO2 Episode 6 ARKS has discovered a new planet Dubbed "Enchantron" now a group of heroes must fight to save the universe form a new evil that plans to unleash an old evil upon the world. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/UBStDv System: D&D 5e you can make homebrew races based on the CASTS, Newmans, and Dewmans through D&D Beyond or you can subitsute Elf for Newman and Tiefling as dewman. I will make homebrew monsters in D&D Beyond (this includes Falzspawn). magic will be called Photon. allowed races: Human, dragonborn, elf, half-elf, half-orc, dwarf, goliath, Teifling, and all homebrew character races you can make. allowed classes: Paladin, fghter, rouge, wizard, cleric, ranger, blood hunter, and Artificer type of gameplay: play-by-post and voice chat. (you can recreate your PSO2 character in 5e but you have to make an explanation why they are here like time travel)