Need katana braver help

Need to know what S Augs to use and good skill trees for braver /hunter

Ahri's Braver guide is a lifesaver and includes links to popular BR/HU skill trees as well as a listing of meta S-augs on the JP server.

If you prefer video, I think PigeonLyfe makes a lot of good Braver content. Here's his guide to Ep 5.

In short, the Lvl 85 Braver skill enables 100% crit rate and meta builds rely on this.

  • You have a 5% base crit rate
  • Will get +50% from the Lvl 85 skill
  • Recommended to max out Fury Critical on the Hunter tree for a passive +25%
  • Then enhance a Critical Strike Melee right ring to Lvl 20 to unlock +20% more crit chance. (Eventually you may want to make the composite Critical Strike ring if you use a bow at all)

Maxing out the Hunter crit rate frees up your Braver tree so you don't have to invest any points into Weak Stance crit rate or Precision Stance crit rate. And this means you can take almost all of the Braver tree including parts of the bow side. On the Hunter tree you take most (and some people all) of the Fury tree as well as maxing Automate and probably Iron Will too. Taking Stalwart Spirit and Hunter's Physique depends on playstyle and whether you're comfortable taking less survivability for more damage.

Guaranteeing crit hits removes dmg variance from your weapon but also enables you to use crit-based S-augs risk free. A popular set-up is something like:

  • S1: Precise Resolve - 3% crit dmg boost (very rare atm so most ppl have the S1 listed in the next paragraph)
  • S2: Precision Will - 3% crit dmg boost
  • S3: Precision Will - 4% crit dmg boost
  • S4: Lifesteal - maxes out at +30HP per hit

Naturally, your individual build/playstyle may benefit from something other than maxing pure damage per hit. For instance, if you find yourself under 100% crit rate or short on PP, you could try mixing in some of these:

  • S1: Aggressive Will - 2% flat dmg boost
  • S2: Photon Reduction - 10% less PP consumed
  • S3: Lucent Strike - 20% more PP recovered via normal strikes
  • S4: Prolonged Katana Release - stay purple ~20% longer

Please note that you can sometimes stack the same S-aug in multiple slots, though it won't always have the exact same effect (e.g. S1: Photon Reduction only reduces PP cost by 7%).

Edit: Totally missed S4: Photon V Adaptation which would work nicely in a pure DPS build (and will only get better as stronger PP augs come out)

@Rang-Dipkin thank you! Your beautiful! Can you tell how much chit chance you have?

@IIl-Nero-lII no worries! I use the 100% critical rate set-up that the Ahri guide suggested as I had the ring ready and wanted to reset my skill tree this Episode anyway.

Full disclosure, at the start of this Episode I actually put 1 point in Weak Stance critical and 1 in Precision Stance critical because if you're reading things off the tree it sounds like you're only at 95% without those. However, after reading Ahri/Google a bit closer, I heard about the 5% base critical rate and shamefully wasted another skill tree reset pass just to fix those 2 wasted points because it bothered me/I'm too impatient 😞

FWIW, I hear some S-augs being released later increase your crit dmg but at the cost of lowering your crit rate. So at that point we may want to re-balance our tree so that we get closer to 150% crit rate (so that with the S-aug reduction we still have 100%). However, by the time that comes out we may be able to get the S-augs mentioned at the end of Ahri's guide.

@Rang-Dipkin Don't forget that you get an additional +50% Critical Rate when you are in the Katana Focus Released state.

@AndrlCh ooo, good call, I always forget about that!

And I know the Braver re-balance helped us by increasing our base damage, but I do miss being purple for most of a mission, haha 🙂 (and I would've liked to have experienced the Kazami no Tachi in its full glory!)