Players Afking Pve Pvp And Quitting Pvp

Timer There Should be A Idle timer during quest if a player stays idle for 5 min they automatically removed from the game mode.

Quitting There Should Be A 1 hour Quest exclusion for players that quit Pvp. Meaning That player cannot join a Pvp match until 1 hour has passed.

These Automatic features would be convenient for Ps02 . Banning Accounts would not be ideal As They Are The Player Count For Ps02

I really hope you meant 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds. It takes more than 5 seconds to shove stuff into storage. Also IIRC there's already separate PvP matchmaking if you DC too many times. Which is a royal pain since you can get randomly 630'd when the servers are feeling bad.

@AiC-L yeah its a real drag

A 5 minute timeout for Battle Arena when matches last 5 minutes seems pointless! Incidentally there is a timeout for AFKing in the lobby of Battle Arena blocks, just not games.

I understand from swiki there is a small penalty system in place for users that disconnect mid-game multiple times in a sort period of time. Courtesy of Google Translate:

If you discard or leave after matching, the matching rules will change, and only players who discard or leave will match. Eventually, it will remain 1/12 and will not change at all. It will return to its original state after a while.

AFKing or leaving during Battle Arena also counts as Abandonment, which is now a category available to report. The "Nearby Characters" menu is greyed out, but I believe you can exit to lobby after a game completes and use Personal Data > Communications Log > Players You Have Formed Parties With. If so I recommend you do this rather than selecting them with the mouse during a match as that would require you to temporarily abandon the match as well!