Players Afking Pve Pvp And Quitting Pvp

Timer There Should be A Idle timer during quest if a player stays idle for 5 min they automatically removed from the game mode.

Quitting There Should Be A 1 hour Quest exclusion for players that quit Pvp. Meaning That player cannot join a Pvp match until 1 hour has passed.

These Automatic features would be convenient for Ps02 . Banning Accounts would not be ideal As They Are The Player Count For Ps02

I really hope you meant 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds. It takes more than 5 seconds to shove stuff into storage. Also IIRC there's already separate PvP matchmaking if you DC too many times. Which is a royal pain since you can get randomly 630'd when the servers are feeling bad.

@AiC-L yeah its a real drag

A 5 minute timeout for Battle Arena when matches last 5 minutes seems pointless! Incidentally there is a timeout for AFKing in the lobby of Battle Arena blocks, just not games.

I understand from swiki there is a small penalty system in place for users that disconnect mid-game multiple times in a sort period of time. Courtesy of Google Translate:

If you discard or leave after matching, the matching rules will change, and only players who discard or leave will match. Eventually, it will remain 1/12 and will not change at all. It will return to its original state after a while.

AFKing or leaving during Battle Arena also counts as Abandonment, which is now a category available to report. The "Nearby Characters" menu is greyed out, but I believe you can exit to lobby after a game completes and use Personal Data > Communications Log > Players You Have Formed Parties With. If so I recommend you do this rather than selecting them with the mouse during a match as that would require you to temporarily abandon the match as well!

A few months later and I wish I could find afkers in pvp. The queue is like an hour long and goes from 9 to 2-3 like nothing.

Dead bad mode, should have been 2v2

I recommend finding groups or alliances that do scheduled PvP sessions or something of the sort. My group does PvP weekly just to have a ball murdering eachother and get an extra 50 or so SG.

We're a ship 3 group, but if ya join our discord you can meet us in the universal ship when we do PvP. Contact me at Strangeland102#7733 via discord.

There isn't a non-universal ship for battle arena - that's challenge mode only.

A group for battle arena is good idea if you can assemble it to run at times there would otherwise be 0 people playing. Most of the time now when it is active, it's full of Legend-ranked low-ping players which puts everyone else at a natural disadvantage. On the other hand a group of people at similar skill levels and pings can compete more fairly and gain ARP more quickly. You just need to make sure you assemble without any of those players noticing.

I wasn't tryin to imply there were non-universal ships, my b.

There is certainly the occasional try hard rando that tips our games balance, but we regroup in the lobby after each match and most often don't see the same person more than 1 or 2 times.

I always let the people I'm playing with know that when we play PvP it is first and foremost for the simple joy of beating each other up, second for the SG, and lastly to try and win or gain rankings. The game mode is fairly well made and simple, but sorely niche and as a result unbalanced due to the difference in player skill, connection speed, etc.

PvP's problems are simply the fact that it's not the focus of the game and that it places players with very different situations against eachother. So taking it seriously is just not worth it a majority of the time. I appreciate it for the easy SG and laughs we can have once a week.

That sounds like a fun time. PVP with all the tryhards is... not fun. Just a lot of dying since a 160ms+ ping is irredeemable, and 80/20 balance games that are basically over with more than 3 minutes to go, therefore a lot of waiting for a foregone conclusion that wastes everyone's time.

Also, fun fact, if you blocklist or are blocklisted by a Legend rank player, you still get matched with them. Blocklists only prevent two players being in the same match if they are both below Legend rank. Which is completely backwards because the only players who would ever want to avoid being roflstomped by Legends are non-Legends. So the format really doesn't help itself.

This will help me getting all the outfits and emotes! No one I knew until now wants to even play this mode on Ship3. Friend me, etc I'm Yumiko2004 on Ship 3. I'll be down for any pvp to get the coins for all 6 outfits and 2 emotes, that's a total of 132000 battle coins!

If it's organised outside of the game, it really doesn't matter which ship though.

I might ask about this too. My seriousness with it goes as far as not having a win rate below 45% at which point progressing to or beyond S rank becomes horribly unreasonable. If the group doesn't have one person with 5000+ ARP basically farming everyone else for easy wins, and doesn't play at times those Legend players frequently invade to prey on, I'd be quite interested too.