Partner Card / Friend Avatar Suggestion for Custom Techs/PAs

I decided to put my newfound use of techs and strategies on my Techter alt Saeko Meina to the test by registering her as a Friend Avatar and then taking her out on yet another alt to see how her Artificial Intelligence performs. The first thing I need to explain is that I'm using one weapon set, and one sub-palette. This limits what the AI can effectively call upon to make it so it utilizes specific things over others. The below is what I have set. You might notice custom techs... this will be pointed out on after, in my observations.

alt text

alt text

The Nabarta shown is also a custom version that lets you guard with it. I should also point out there is no use of any other techs/PAs/etc. anywhere as you can see above. I want you to take a look at the video link below to see how she acts, and more importantly, what techs she uses.

Some observations on my part:

  • She uses Megiverse more than resta. Opting to use Resta more so when out of combat than in combat.
  • She uses Foie and Barta despite them not being assigned.
  • She uses Ramegid as if it was Zero Ramegid in some cases, but it's cast as normal Ramegid.
  • She uses Nabarta while backing away as if protecting herself more so. This is indicative of the AI maybe thinking that their Nabarta is Zero Nabarta, but it is cast as normal Nabarta.
  • She uses Heavy Hammer for some attacks. (Usually not charging it.)
  • She will use Resta after the initial Deband, due to Deband having the passive skill to increase HP.
  • She will use Ilzan when enemies line up in specific arrangements.
  • She doesn't like to melee attack. Thus I can't tell if Wand Lovers has been activated by her. (Since it wouldn't cause Elemental Burst if she attacks immediately unless Wand Lovers was active.)

For this suggestion

I would like to see Friend Avatars (and Partner Card NPCs) be able to use zero techs if a player has put one on the weapon and/or sub-palette. If this is impossible, then please consider making Zero techs into their own tech disc (that can only be crafted) separate from their original techs.

In addition, if Force, Ranger, and Gunner aren't set as subclass, the AI should consider melee attacking more as Techter. If the techter main AI has a Harmonizer equipped however, it should default to summoner/support AI instead.

After adding Jet Boots to her as Techer main with Bouncer sub-class, I observed the following:

  • She doesn't use Barta / Foie anymore. (Which is good.)
  • She'll instead normal attack more. (Which is better.)
  • She'll use Jet Boots PAs.
  • She will use Megiverse VERY rarely, and usually when she's halfway down on HP or so. (On Wand, she'll tend to use Megiverse more.) (I took Resta off of her to make sure she tries to use Megiverse more, but it didn't change anything.)
  • She'll only use Ramegid sparingly and only up close with enemies. Like with Wand, she doesn't cast the Zero version.
  • She'll use Critical Field whenever possible.
  • She will cast Shifta during battle some times unlike before with Wand, which used it rarely in battle.
  • She will also randomly use Deband, though seemingly not as often as Shifta.

She is a bit more active with Jet Boots than she was on Wand. But she still won't cast Zero Techs.

Interesting results, I would also like them to fix this issue.

@Home-Rowed said in Partner Card / Friend Avatar Suggestion for Custom Techs/PAs:

Interesting results, I would also like them to fix this issue.

Yes. The main reason I want this change, not only because it makes sense, but it will give new players a way to see how the devs expected people to play the classes in question due to their underlying mechanics for that specific weapon. I expect more people who want a support AI partner though to have Summoner subclass once we get our hands on an all-class Harmonizer in episode 6's Ultra Hard difficulty modes.