Can't Buy Anything on Store (Europe)

This post is deleted!

Using the US store, Wont recognise my method of payment,

Requires US address, new method of payment, and as my debitcard is registered to UK address it will be declined. Same with Paypal as method of payment

@PennilessImp749 Yep same here. Got told by Microsoft Support to buy a US Gift Card.

Guess what. Can't buy US Gift Cards if you're not in the US.

We've been thrown under a bus.

@PhalinRed i even went to for digital code, but when i go to checkout it is removed from my basket.

damn that sucks

If, like many other players, you cannot buy the Sonic Pack or other PSO2 packs in the USA Shop by Paypal / credit card because the error message “The region where your payment method was issued and your Microsoft Store region need to match” appears, I have created small instructions how you can still get to the packs by credit card.