Disconnecting after completion of Urgent Quest

Did the Hostility UQ twice today, on Normal and VH.

Got disconnected as soon as the Castrum Demonica was slain.

Anyone else having this issue?

i had game crash afew times on xbox on UQ right as boss died an its moving to the area with the loot crystal

I have this same issue, about 80% of the time I fight the black Wyrm I disconnect right as it dies and I don’t get my loot from the fight it’s also been happening while doing the buster urgent quest too.

This happens every profound darkness trigger since i started the game and i think its related to using a scape doll

I had the game crash right after I used a bonus key and entered the area and lost out on it. It be nice if they fixed it so you don't leave the area when you log back in and star back right where left off before you disconnected.

My friend had this issue while running Persona Triggers. All he did was run the repair tool via the PSO2 Tweaker and they found that some files were missing for some odd reason. Then after repairing the game it worked fine since.