Good Player Market Web Search Tools

Hey All,

I know there was one posted here on the forums but can't seem to finding despite my post history and some search term combos. So I'll ask afresh.

What are if any good websites, if any, that you can search the Player Markets on while you are away from home/in-game? The one I recall that was posted was neat looking. But it was hard to really search and get results.

In any case. Thanks for any possibilities!

o/ =^.^=

The only thing like that I know of is just PSO2markets. You can get a feel for the average price on each ship, it haven’t been updated since Sept 15th but prices haven’t changed much yet for most stuff. You can’t look at specific player shops but you’ll know the cheapest price for the item you want. I use it on my phone a lot when I’m not in game.

Thanks for that reply @Milk! Using that as a search term I found the site I was thinking of

But holy hell the sheer number of not only meseta seller sites. But other sites that full on sold entire equipment sets for pretty amazing amounts of fiat currency blew my mind. 🙀

o/ =^.^=