To all of you level 70+ players not registering lookbooks...

@Furious The only way for me to get any likes is to use the rappy outfit and slap a huge hat on it. My current setup make people question and view my lookbook but my likes are from like4like which is whatever at this point.


For me my characters are recreations of my D&D characters and my lookbook is of my main who would never in a million years be caught dead in lingerie, so the motto is cute not lewd. There’s a lot of great variety in clothes.

I personally find it more rewarding when people simply come up to you and compliment your style rather than Like you. Someone took the effort to approach and chat, it’s heartwarming.

I made a D&D character who was a recreation of an online game character who by then I'd made many versions of lol.


Hahaha it's good to know I'm not the only one to do that! Two of mine in PSO2 are based on the descriptions I gave for D&D characters in a campaign I was a DM for a group for a few years. We've temporarily broken up due to the whole pandemic thing, but everyone is eager to get back at the dice rolling once things are normal again. My one character wouldn't be caught dead in any of the more revealing garments available in this game, so I dress her according to her personality.

the D&D character I made was a half elf fighter who was the eldest daughter of a famous mercenary hailed as a hero, who aspired to be like him, she also got her elven genes from him.

Think of her situation sort of like with Ike and Greil in Fire Emblem Path of Radiance.

one of her starting traits was she had a sword he gifted her to start the game with, it would start as a +1 normal magic sword as far as any stats but would have potential to grow with her as she grew stronger.

She also had like 14 INT which is high for a fighter, since the character is always kinda nerdy.

I normally get exactly two likes on my lookbook every time u change outfits never more never less its strange rely.

Oh man you guys are making me geek out hard.

So my main canonically can’t walk for long distances, I loosely based her condition on my own but more of a fantasy setting. Anyways, she has levitation magic in small doses that help her get around, so in this game CAST and Jetboots were absolutely perfect!

She was always sort of babied and sheltered by her elder sister and as such is horrifically naive, but not in an endearing way, more “wow kid you need street smarts” levels of bad. She also is unintentionally rude, which gets her in trouble often. Paired with her best friend, a small time thief and all about schmuck, they get into a lot of silly situations.

Yet PSO2 has requested they play the hero anyway. Sorry guys, Earth is doomed.

@Milk said in To all of you level 70+ players not registering lookbooks...:

Sorry guys, Earth is doomed.

I wouldn't worry. We'll just weaponize the rest of the schoolgirls.

I'm averse to RPing and playing fashionista in this game. If it wasn't for me wanting titles then I wouldn't have registered my character.

I just change my outfit daily, cycling through the outfits I have. I also just register myself every now and then while I am online.

@Milk Earth isn't even the main focus of Pso2, it's a sideshow in the awful episode 4. our characters in PSo2 are from the Oracle universe, and most likely grew up on a giant 70km starship with a population of over a million.


That’s doomed too 😛