game doesn't work.. got any tips without dling?

game isn't working... again.. i'm really tired of downloading this thing repeatedly..

i've already realized i'm going to lose my daily log in streak.. again.. hooray for the game giving you something to work towards and then the game saying "ooh so close.. gotta be faster"

but it would be nice to get off work and actually play sometime today..

so.. that said, is there a way to fix this pile of crap from microsoft without having to ONCE AGAIN download the whole damn thing?

info: been using tweaker cuz it seems to be most stable way to play.. could use steam and may start using that if that is more stable but since i can't log in, i'm still stuck.

any help would be greatly appreciated.. much more than i appreciate microsoft's "help" in bringing this game to na

is there a way to fix this thing quickly without another freaking multi hour long download

probably what happened is that MS store self nuked the installation and if is that then there's no fast way to fix it and you gonna need to download everything again, you can just do the installation using tweaker it does prevent MS store for nuking the files

damn.. that's what i figured...

does this happen with steam as well?

or is steam as seamless as it is with all the other titles i've tried there?

also, once i redownload it, will i have to redownload it for steam?

Steam doesn't work like MS store that removes files that doesn't recognize he just leave then there so it won't self nuke and yes if you want to make the installation via Steam you gonna need to have both to link the account there if not use tweaker to do it that can be used for both with only 1 installation

If you do it through the MS store itself, you'll have to have a secondary steam install and have two copies of the game simultaneously for the link. But if you use the tweaker, and install to a user-controlled location (not windowsapps, not programfiles, just some folder you make in your drive), you can do an install that links to the MS Store and Steam at the same time. So you can log into the MS Store version, get the linker code, exit the game and switch to the Steam version, which takes a few seconds or so, and then log into that version and put in the code. Then since you have your account linked, even if you stop using the tweaker and just go native Steam, you'd still have account access.

Pretty sure the Steam version's supposed to be a lot more stable, but I've also had no issues with the tweaker version ever even before Steam, so I don't know if whatever problems you're having would persist.

also.. man.. game is fun.. and i love pso.. have since dc.. but.. i think i give up.. right now i have no desire to download it AGAIN..

so.. if you all don't see me online again.. this is why.. cuz yes, it's fun... but so are other games that i don't have to download every other week..

cuz right now.. i have absolutely no desire to go thru that shit again... may change...

but as it stands.. i give up.. you win microsoft


If you’re still there, I play on Steam and have had no issues you’re describing. I’ve only been playing since July but that’s several months of zero problems. You could give it one last shot.

Grab your link from MS, Put it in Steam, and never deal with MS store for this game again, it's a mess that I never got to work when it was MS exclusive.