Oh Xen I’m so sorry. I left the alliance to build my own like my guild on FFXIV. You and Jedi are good people and your alliance was very welcoming. I hope you can come back.

@XEN said in Susspended?:

If people can get suspended for buying things off the market they may aswel ban everyone.. Also, might be me lol. I remember Milk Black Paper is also on JP, already nearly maxed lol PS: I see no way of appealing, couldnt figure out how to contact anyone.

I'll try and get back, Jedi still has the lead.

To contact support for a ban appeal, you go here, log in, and create a ticket:

You create a ticket by clicking "submit a request" at the top right side of the screen. Then, on the submit a request screen, select General Request from the dropdown menu. In the Ticket Category dropdown menu, choose Ban Appeal. Then, fill out the Subject and Description boxes like you would an e-mail being sent.

Oh thanks dude, but I checked and there is no create a ticket for account suspention. Milk: Ah yeah lol, a few people joined us and built up and did the same.

EDIT: Found It I think. Had to dig though. If they can ban people willy nilly without explanation I'm not sure I want to play this game anymore anyway. Sega is loosing me as a life long fan.

@XEN said in Susspended?:

I don't know how to make myself any more clear, I have never and would never knowingly take part in an exploit or cheat in ANY online game. I have NEVER done anything worthy of susspention. I have an Alliance with 100 people and over 600hours. All wasted because SEGA are hopeless. I have sat in a block while 3 bots spam with a GM standing there and they do NOTHING. I get susspended for litterally nothing.

F**k you and your game sega. You have had a long time fan in me and now you have an enemy, you stole from me.

While we all understand how frustrating this situation is... an awful lot of words are coming from your mouth that probably may not look good if /when Sega does clean up their crap... I mean, the situation. But, you do you.