I havent logged on in a while, I try today and my account is susspended. What in the actual F ?? I have never exploited anything or abused anyone or done anything worth a susspention. I havent even been online WTF?! Your making an enemy out of me, I spent alot of money on this game. If you susspend me for nothing I am seeking legal means to get it back. Maybe class action.

You have stolen from me, fix it. Or I'm seeking legal action.

Have you. At any point, bought from one of those mmo sites to get Meseta or use a VPN?

Nope, I have never cheated. I don't cheat in game's. Ruins the experience. WAIT! I use Reshade, could that be it? It doesnt effect the game other than allowing me to tweak the contrast and saturation. So I doubt it but it's the only possible reason I can think of.

Did you buy any of the really cheap duped items?

Again, no. I havent even been online in like a week..

No I mean at anytime. They've been letting people no not to take advantage of the dupes for awhile. I'm asking if you did at ANY time. Everything has been being tracked. For those who don't know every single thing you do say attack etc is recorded in game, both server side and on your pc. You can actually go in the logs folder and see chats all the way back to your first day online. So if you did something at some point you can still be caught.

I don't know how to make myself any more clear, I have never and would never knowingly take part in an exploit or cheat in ANY online game. I have NEVER done anything worthy of susspention. I have an Alliance with 100 people and over 600hours. All wasted because SEGA are hopeless. I have sat in a block while 3 bots spam with a GM standing there and they do NOTHING. I get susspended for litterally nothing.

F**k you and your game sega. You have had a long time fan in me and now you have an enemy, you stole from me.

Alright, my guy, I believe you, and here's the advice I can give you. Idk how "much" money you spent, but I have been hearing talk of people with very large AC purchases getting hit with this wave. This being because one of the ways the bots were getting AC to buy scratch items was by using stolen CC info from the purchases to buy more AC. Bear in mind I am not saying this is related to you. I'm getting at depending on the frequency and amount, there's the smallest off chance that you got flagged as an irregular. If this is the case THERE IS HOPE. Appeal to customer service, be professional and respectable. No profanity in your ticket. Thoroughly explain the station and voice your grievances. Don't threaten where you don't have to. If all is truly as you say there is a very good chance you ight get somewhere. Good luck to you in this endevour as well.

I appreciate the help mate. To be honest, I'm prolly going JP. Way better anyway. If this sh*t happens again. I'm over Sega for good.

Ify man. Best of luck to you there. We might run into each other if you're on ship 2, I still play both.

Gotta be honest, I think I wish I started on JP first. Ship 02 eh? I hear that has the highest pop of ENG players.

Ye that's the ol stomping grounds. Come on thru

Validating, I'll be in 02 soon. Oh man... Power leveling multiple classes and building a clan back up to 100 members.. And going back to 1000 Meseta..

The exploit happened longer than a week ago, it’s possible you accidentally bought duped goods back then on the personal shops. If you’re innocent then appeal. Also my former alliance leader’s name was Xen, really hope that isn’t you. Sorry you lost all your stuff.

If people can get suspended for buying things off the market they may aswel ban everyone.. Also, might be me lol. I remember Milk Black Paper is also on JP, already nearly maxed lol PS: I see no way of appealing, couldnt figure out how to contact anyone.

I'll try and get back, Jedi still has the lead.