I posted this in another section, but I think this section here might be the one for this issue

I have often used the blocklist to block RMT bots, but I've noticed for a while now that my blocklist seems to be maxed out unusually quickly even when I try to clean it up by removing player names in it. One thing I noticed is that I seem to have a lot of 'empty space' taken by 'something'. My blocklist is apparently 5 pages filled, and yet most of that 5 page space is occupied by...nothing?

Why do I clean it up? Because I think that's how you can make sure to prevent the issue of the blocklist not blocking people's chat(or bots usually) despite blocking them.

I'm wondering if perhaps some of those RMT account that I once blocked were deleted and for some reason even though they're gone, they still seem to occupy space on my blocklist. In some ways, it is a bit worrying, as it means I will eventually be unable to keep blocking bots, and my chat will just get spammed by them no matter what I try to do.