Why are y'all surprised you got banned?

The only thing to do if you feel like you've been wrongly banned is to keep contacting the relevant parties. Hopefully enough pressure will force a human response, failing that all that those who feel they have been wrongly banned can do is reach out to SEGA on other channels and wait for false flagging to grow out of control which seems kind of like an inevitability when you consider the total breakdown of communication.

@Shine I only wish I knew what parties to contact. Submitting a ticket only garnered that auto response rejection, and further to dishearten myself in my attempts at an appeal through the rejection notice. I'm not giving up on this, and certainly less so since myself and many of my friends have been supporting me and aiding in a search to find someone or something to help in this. Been searching frantically since the 21st as well as trying to improve upon my own social skills, as having autism has certainly hampered some of my attempts and only adds to the heartbreak. Im pretty distrubed over reading in post above that pso2 was victim to item duping, and It never crossed my mind once buying from player stores with +20 plus same item could actually have been potential causes. I can maybe reason at my own fault selling a pole dance for 150mil might have caused some people to report me, I did even get 1 player ingame messaging me calling me profane names for that. Recieving items and etc from helpful friends might have further flagged me as well, but I cant tell with the auto response. Nor can I tell if theres an even bigger problem brewing, as above mentioned there has people's cards or accounts being stolen. I dont play on Pc(or own), am a xbox exclusive player, so i dont do janky things like using vpns or mods and etc, and my only portal to the web is my phone, even then im often scared to visit sites other than youtube for fear of being broken into, and as a eye roller i got Norton antivirus on my phone since most phones these days are mini computers. Sitting here in my car ready to go into work today, been composing, rewritting, and editing this message since noon (almost 3 now), just to avoid making it look like whining and detract the original post. (Though I likely failed in that effort by now). That said I really can use all the help possible, even getting GM Deynger to weigh in, cause I am lost, confused and grieving hard over this. Been playing since March, and never in my gaming history have I ever been banned for any reason, nor even temporarily suspended. This whole situation is completely new and terrifying for me, as I never believed Id cross this bridge so as long as I believed in the rules and played as a earnest and honest player.

Hello, just chiming in. I saw some people here talking about players getting banned for purchasing items from bot sellers in the player shop. Is that somehow confirmed (Link please) or is that just some guessing or hear-say? I mean, most players dont read this forum and dont have a clue that they shouldnt buy from playershops where the owner has just a PN... Most people just buy whats the cheapest and dont ask whats going on"behind the scenes" It would be very rude to ban these players who simply used a ingame function... If that truly is the case, its on Sega to take out these shops (and i mean on a daily basis, not only during maintainance once every two weeks or monthly) so players cant be "trapped" to buy from these shops.


I doubt it was from selling your Pole dance emote, the price has always been incredibly high for that one and even with the revival the price is climbing again. It’s just consistently a hot commodity. You likely bought from a bad shop. I hope you get your appeal, I know I’d be terrified in your shoes. Hang in there.

@SilverRathalos My first stop would likely be here https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new as while SEGA of Japan may be responsible for deployment and maintenance of the game all contact information in the Privacy Policy section points to SEGA of America so there has to be some degree of crossover within the organization. There may be further options available to you depending on your Region/Country/State of Residence (Europe, California etc) due to legislation governing data.

well the only thing I'm going to hate about new genesis is one thing, it will most likely take a whole day to download again, hell Pso2 is 60+ gb now we have a PSO2 openworld version, how huge would that be

@Milk Seeing your reply actually made me break down in tears a bit. Still at work but on break so id thought id check in again. Yeah theres no telling whats going on, and if i did buy from a bad shop or maybe even recieved bad meseta or items from a friend, Idve never known, especially being on xbox, my ability to research outside the game is limited. Cant imagine the amount of time it would take to go to each individual store and check pn#s to see if any seemed sketchy, and define sketchy too, cause if its a store that doesnt have a gamertag or even a PN-name..that could raise alot of eyebrows. I just realised though while at work something Ive completely missed despite a mask being glued to my face all day, i had forgotten about Covid-19. Could explain the scorchearth type ban and why supports pretty much dead if they only got a few brave souls in a skeleton crew there. No telling how hard covid has hit many places where game studios are setup nor how many workers have taken to staying home in quarantine to avoid the pandemic. Working a understaffed mini mart in a area hardly touched by it I can only imagine how bad it is elsewhere for other players and staff, and staff in all areas not just sega support. Even the last monsterhunter update was pushed back due to covid so theres no telling.


You could be right, game companies with even bigger staff numbers still had to push back content and such. I’ve never been banned but I have lost everything before in a game(shady company deleted accounts) so I sympathize with your situation and the fear you probably feel. Try to remember it’s just a game, I know it’s hard. Monster Hunter will be there for you in the meantime 😛 but just keep trying to get your appeal, maybe they’ll do them all in one big wave the same as the bans. None of us know how it’s going to go.

@Milk Will certainly try and hang in there. Monsterhunter world was fun but definitely does not suffice for stress and depression relief like pso2 does. Work at a mini mart 56hours a week regularily and as dehumanised as i often feel, pso2 had become much more than a game, quite litterally become an escape, though i can see its just a game and that letting it become more can be sort of mentally unhealthy, but i rather it a particular game that becomes my goto than something actually bad. As for @Shine thank you for that link, hopefully i can reach someone there during down time to help me with this. Only been banned going on 4 days now but man do i feel the social cut and the depression has left me not at my A game at work :/, not sure if its just depression from No pso2 or the fact as my 1st ban ever since i started playing games that its bothering me as much as it is.


I’ve worked crummy jobs before, grunt work and people treating you like you’re subhuman. Video games are a good escapism but sometimes they can make it worse, it sounds like withdrawal(which admittedly I’ve felt before) but at the same time sounds like life is rough for you right now, so you handle stress any way you can.

Off the top of my head, I play Vindictus, Dragon Nest and Kritika:REBOOT when I want that satisfying beat ‘em up combat for stress, you could try those while you wait. Those are all free. You can also try paid solo games like the God Eater series, the combat is very similar to this. CODE VEIN is another good game but it’s really damn hard, feels great when you’re winning though.

@Milk havent heard of any of the titles besides code vein which I do play often, surprisingly good. I play exclusively on xbox as i dont have a PC to play any other games :/, hmmm...to think the $1000usd Ive invested in this game couldve gone to building a budgeg computer. Food for thought next time when i get enough saved up to splurge on something.


Give the God Eater series a try, it’s from the same producer as CODE VEIN and I believe God Eater 3 is on xbox. It might give you that PSO combat feel, I actually use it to practice sometimes. Who knows, if you get to come back your skills might be sharper than before.

honestly speaking if I rate why I play PSO2 in a chart it would be like this, 20% gameplay 30% dressing up 10% roleplaying 40% enjoying the banter with the community/alliance/crew

I've personally seen so many people get banned in online games for RMT or other things and then immediately go to the forums to try and be like "B-But I did nothing wrong, was it cause I did X Y Z?" all while conveniently leaving out what they know they actually did. It's pretty calculated and generally to portray themselves as a poor innocent martyr and try to spark some minor outrage that might lead to them getting unbanned (and it never does).

@Laep You do have a fair point. Thats what can often make the process so difficult for actual victims in this situation because there exist those who knowingly commit these acts, and once caught will lie through their teeth to get a slap on the wrist. Theres often no way, atleast for anyone on our end to verify someone's story to its truth or falsehoods. So many people use and abuse the system, use every out and end to get out of their responsibilities, that it muddies the water and blurrs the path for anyone who has met with a similar fate but not of their own machinations and design. It has twisted the system of being innocent until proven guilty to a system of guilty once assumed. It is all a convenience depending on which view you take. To sega, is it more benificial to axe a large group of suspcious activities or to spend time and resources in individual cases to subvert any negative PR? In that sense its a cost convenience, despite many victims being loyal patrons to their games, the effort to investigate might come at a higher cost to them, especially in the case it may release a criminal back onto their services who will learn and keep exploiting over releasing a victim back who may ultimately stop playing after being unbanned for their indignation. It is truly a gloomy world in this sense. In my case, pso2 has offered more than just a game entertainment value, it had become a huge part of relieving depression and stress in my life from working 56hours to my failing health (not unheard before sadly, as well as probably an overused sympathy card), If sega was to overturn my ban, Id be jumping right back into pso2 running busters and enjoying my characters fashion as much as I did before the ban. Even hearing about the revival ac scratch makes me want to dump a chunk of money on those to aquire items I missed out on before. But again since there exist those who would use any excuse as a convenience to subvert their punishment, it means for many of us who have not knowingly done such things to face the cold heart music just the same. I will add again "knowingly", cause in truth you arent privied by sega to know why they seem to think your in violation, you wouldnt know if you (in 816s) case, whether you aquired too much of something, had your account hijacked (unless your login changed and your immediately realised it), set a few item prices too high (like the pole dance or blue blaze hands), or had an exhange with a possible item/meseta duper without the knowlegde such existed (im on xbox one, so that knowledge wouldnt have been available unless I was told directly by someone or took to the forums as I am now). Again though, your point is valid, both violators and victims will use any reason or excuse to get out of trouble and that lumps everyone onto the same boat with little hope. In my case again I cant believe ive committed any crime knowingly or unknowledgably (minus the dupers cause that was a scary head turner there for a console player), but just because a crime was committed without your knowlegde doesnt fully aquit you of the reprisals, and while in the dark of all this, all i can ask is for information to better safeguard myself in the future should sega chose to be lenient over captitol punishment. Sorry about the extensive rant, i do feel pretty passionate about all this and have trouble trying to keep it short and simple.