Why are y'all surprised you got banned?

@ZorokiHanuke yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa

@SuperND420 I mean you can't control other players. If the dude wanted to buy, I'm assuming meseta, well that's on him. He can try to appeal, and if he's lucky will get a slap on the wrist and be given one final chance. If he's not lucky, hopefully this is a learning experience.

@ZorokiHanuke rice isn't cheap but its cheaper thsn trying to add performance. *normally its cheaper to save a bit more and buy a faster car lol.

@Tasty-Human-bits hah yes. That was why I called it quits rather quickly and before I ruined the car.

Anyway, on topic and as a general comment. I'm still in wonder about people claiming to fall into these scams unintentionally. It's like they have no sense of self preservation or something. I'd understand it if the rmt sites tried to look like the official stuff, and even then one would be suspicious as to why the stuff isn't sold inside the game itself (or Steam or the MS store like AC and SG are sold) like so many other games by now. I mean, how much logic does it take to see some site selling meseta and immediately think "Shady site is shady" and just close the browser and walk away (or do a massive malware scan afterwards)?

I also understand some people are not the best with tech. I have met people in my job who can't get a smart phone's GPS working. But it's been said for years now. "PROTECT YOUR WALLET ON THE INTERNET!". This gets repeated everywhere like a broken record, and yet people still don't get it, it seems.

@Anarchy-Marine No, because the problem mainly lies in the idiots buying meseta, You aren't going ot get rid of the bots, they are like roaches, as i've said this before, no matter how many you ban, they will keep coming back as they KNOW they will be banned.

But if you start harshly punishing the ones giving them business, then that actually hurts them, because people will be too fearful to buy meseta. since their accounts actually mean something to keep.

At least sega is trying, giving them a slap on the wrist won't work because they will just keep doing it but try to hide it better.

@Anarchy-Marine they aint give him a slap on shit they told him hes dumb just like i did.

@Astral-Lettie 111/10 agree w you mate. ppl dont realize how much gold selling hurts a game. in game currency becomes meaningless. all non cash items become worthless. the only way to make money becomes spending money in game. JP's market got bad but never in that way. at least on jp i can just go farm something in relevant content and do my arks missions and have between 50-100m in a day and a half. this could easily be just the same right now in NA if ppl wouldnt take the easy way out. theres mod, ret, quartz, just a few augments i can think of rn to make money. u can make and sell lumiere weapons. theres plenty of ways to make money by just playing the game

I was thinking of the meseta selling business model and realized its a real easy way to steal and launder money in one foul swoop. Probably why Sega needs to be harsh on buyers...

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I was thinking of the meseta selling business model and realized its a real easy way to steal and launder money in one foul swoop. Probably why Sega needs to be harsh on buyers...


I'm glad you came to that realization. People need to know that the gold selling buisness directly impacts the company. Companies get hit with audits and tax evasion for this. This is actually illegal for the company to allow it to happen. You get away with a ban. They get hit with legal action.

The problem is more to do with how the player support has been handling appeals/contact from banned players in general. Yes, there are those who have admitted to purchasing meseta from resellers (The now deleted user and a second in tech support + any who are simply lying about it) but there are those who swear to have done nothing wrong. There's no communication regarding why their accounts were suspended and Zendesk support is only responding with a simple copy/paste message and directing users to the Terms of Service; I shouldn't need to say why this really isn't an acceptable level of customer service but I suspect that those manning Zendesk don't have the means/manpower to do anything more. It sets a pretty dangerous precedent nonetheless.


It’s really quite disturbing how they’re handling it. Yes no one is ever guilty, they all say the same thing, but some of them out there are actually innocent and losing everything and from what it sounds like a good chunk of them have spent a lot on this game. What do they think will happen when a big financial supporter of the game is treated like this? They never come back. I know I’ve walked away from other games that deleted my account(I wasn’t banned the game just wiped my server and deleted my characters and $$$ worth of stuff) no one wants to start over, they just delete the game.

Yes they had to crack down on fraudulent activity and I’m happy that they’re doing so but people aren’t even getting an answer right now who claim innocence. They have a right to appeal it, not to be ignored. Let’s hope some of those people hear more than a copypaste message soon.

I could be entirely mistaken on this but my assumption regarding the player support for PSO2 and my limited interaction with them over this months missing Xbox gamepass items is that they have no real access to any account information/management tools and that ultimately they're only able to play the messenger. I'd love to be proven wrong of course but all I can really say is that I hope I never have to rely on them for anything properly important.

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So many people wondering why they got banned for buying meseta. I'm sitting here like how are y'all this slow? It's against ToS, and it's actually a criminal offense that gets game comapnies in trouble for tax evasion. Has anyone here actually played an online game before? This is nothing new...

I had two people I know who got banned permanently for using VPN and didn't get involved in RMT. So this whole purge is really not just RMT atm. Its really to make sure no one does anything suspicious and use third party programs that violate TOS really.

Honestly it's hard for me to understand why anyone would buy meseta in this game, and this is coming from someone who has RMTd heavily on ArcheAge (along with literally everyone else playing it) since it's launch and other games, this game is just too easy to make meseta in even if you don't buy AC scratches.

It's so easy to play the market and you're flooded with items with good augments that sell fast if you just play the game, and if you do decide to buy AC scratches you can literally just sit on items the block 1 """""players""""" fawn over for a month and then sell it for a hugely inflated price once it's out of rotation. They'll pay a fortune for anything to get their nasty little like4likes and pq visits. And this isn't taking into account using alt characters and huge amount you can get quickly from dailies / weeklies.

I don't have to read TOS to know not to go to shady websites online spambots spam me with.

Like.. I am legitimately scared becuase this generation of kids today literally have zero education, parenting, or intelligence as is proven by them going to scambot sites and then complaining they were banned like they dont know what they did wrong...