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The nightfallers and falspawn in Rush Practise Harukotan count as supernaturals?

This is where this "GREY" Area that needs to clarified. The information is still Vauge at best and what information is available still doesn't give specifics as to what qualifies and what does not. I do like the idea of a scratch ticket bundle instead of star gems /maybe? I mean, maybe they could entice players by makings the prize pool a bit more robust?

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The nightfallers and falspawn in Rush Practise Harukotan count as supernaturals?

I just cheacked the Arks-Visiphone, Seems that these do not fall into that category.

If not, Scerms' explanation makes no sense unless he's replying to a different message entirely.

Probably notable that AV is not wholly accurate for ARKS League. In particular we've found in this topic that level 55 enemies still count, while the wiki and various other sources say they need to be 61 minimum. This may be a difference on Global or at least this specific set of leagues.

But I still seriously doubt that nightfallers or falspawn count as supernaturals.

I’m not sure about Falspawn. When I ran the UQ buster without a party for supernaturals(figuring it’s better than nothing because no one was in normal buster) I went from 0 to 260-something kills. I know I was always late getting to the actual supernatural monsters on the field, I didn’t even get a hit in! I was killing the falspawn guys like the shield brutes and purple fish. I don’t know where I got those supernatural kills from then because that was my first League run.

It would be nice if we had more information. I definitely know lvl55 counts because I was leveling in that range.

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I don’t know where I got those supernatural kills from then because that was my first League run.

You don't have to kill them yourself.

As long as you get XP credit, you should also get credit for the event, as well as related quests/client orders.


It counts even not in a party? That’s kinda neat.

Supernaturals are those guys who Castrum Demonica's summon that are not falspawn. the ogres and fire lizards and goblins and stuff.

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I’m not sure about Falspawn.

Ruins or City VHAQ are great for that provided you don't get tiny maps and screwed out of any PSE Bursts. Way faster than any possibility for supernaturals, and there are other options too including Cradle triggers.

So! Two discoveries from this league window we've just had.

  • The Urgent Quest? That's bad. It takes about 50% longer than a Grade 2 Free Match to complete, and the one I did only gave 150 kills which is 60% of a Free Match. That's also consistent with the ~40% falspawn enemy rate I noted from the Enemy Log of Main Match several posts back. Also it's like an Advanced game since the Arx Demonica has all four walls meaning you always need at least three Defense phases. (Come to think of it, shouldn't it have had more supernaturals because of that? Yikes.)

  • Grade 1 Free Matches do count! Enemies die substantially faster in that. It's not uncommon for Defense phases to end with 1:00 left on the clock. That's a serious time gain over Grade 2.

I am now thinking that in that league from yesterday where the group of three kept ~250 kills ahead of me, they probably started a couple minutes earlier and did two Grade 1 Free Matches at the start followed by Grade 2s for the rest of the league.

Thanks to doing the UQ (and seeing that two others in my league had over 60 kills by the time the UQ started, they must have joined the league a few minutes earlier), I was a huge distance behind the pack and over 300 kills behind the two with the headstart. Thanks to sticking to Grade 1 Free Matches on purpose, by the end of the league window 20 minutes later I caught up to 3rd place, just 100 behind 2nd though 350 behind 1st so they were probably doing the same and weren't caught between matches at the end of the league period.

Had I done two Grade 1 Free Matches instead of the UQ, I would have had 350 more kills, so it would have been a very tight contest and I'd have finished 1st or 2nd. I can't say I'd have won for sure, but I've no need to complain about it. If I'd done Free Matches instead I might have got Grade 2s and stood no chance and still been left wondering if UQs were better. At least now I know.

So I think that leads us to the optimal strategy for supernatural leagues:

  • Find someone with few enough buster points to turn a Free Match into Grade 1 and keep them in your party the whole league.
  • Be lucky enough to join your league first to get a headstart on kills.

Isn't it great to know that now there's only one of them left for possibly another 6 months? 😕

Far as I can see in game there is no ARKs quest that spawns supernaturals. Checked both ARKS Nightfall maps and neither have supernaturlas in the maps or in the enemy log. Kill 100 in a single room sounds like the Rush Pratice Time attack quests. Checking those is the same thing. No supernaturals, just falspawn and nightfallers.

Final tally for that ARKS leage was first place 5848 and second place 979. I can understand getting those numbers if you can spam a single room over like that. I don't understand how those were supernaturals when nothing anywhere in game shows they are in ARKS quests or a time attack map.

Sounds like someone was cheating then? If a similar score can’t be reached by any known methods. Unless the winner knows something we don’t.

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The nightfallers and falspawn in Rush Practise Harukotan count as supernaturals?

I don't think so, I believe the supernatural are the T-Rexes, tanks, zombies, possessed things (AKA: Las Vegas and Tokyo monsters).

However I could be wrong, which I often can be heh.

@Jman Supernaturals are the new mobs from Ep 5, the ones from Ep 4 (Earth) are Phantasms.

@Kodiakmax-101 Ah thanks. Darn these new fangled mobs!

It’s basically a new incentive to do Buster quests, Buster is like ep5’s baby, even a UQ version which feels like the exact same thing. You get Buster or Woods for Supernatural. At least Falspawn lets you go to older maps.

On another note, you think those orc guys resent being lumped in with skelebros and ghouls?