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Holy Omniscience Xion, can't believe there are people really buying from bot lol.


I don't understand what anyone would do RMT for. I know people like the fashion, but the fashion system really isn't that great tbh. At most you're missing out on something random that you can save up for doing scratches anyway without any risk to your account.

And the line about other games allowing it. I've never heard of this at all. Every game and/or premium site I've been a part of has cracked down on it. It's only allowed if you buy through them (if they even offer it).

A well-deserved ban good job Sega

Well, this is good news. I was having doubts and felt SEGA wasn't going after RMT buyers or at most just giving them a slap on the wrist. Hopefully more get the perma ban treatment.

Someone stupid enough to use the scambot websites deserves to be banned. Mean thing to say I know, but cmon, he kinda earned this.

Slightly off-topic but regarding the purchase of duped items/items sold by RMT bots in general . . . unless there was a period when the items were insanely cheap or the like, I'm not exactly sure how that would be enforceable without much larger backlash. It's out of the scope of most players. Hell, while I have avoided the obvious ones, users with stacks of 29 of an item etc (ignoring the fact that those were rarely, if ever, the cheapest listing) I -have- purchased cosmetics/weapons and so on from PN usernames before, some of which I'm sure have had multiple of said item/s. The thought that at any time I could be banned for simply buying an item in the past/present/future because whoopsie doopsie it's an RMT bot is kind of ridiculous IMO.

Edit: Obviously SEGA can do what they want with their game etc but it doesn't make it sound any less comical.

@Shine Another site I was on had the same problem where users (unknowingly) buying botted items on the market had their accounts frozen. I'm sure it's a safeguard more than anything and they'd be willing to correct the mistake if they're contacted about it. At least I hope so.

I remember buying siren wings from a PN name who had over 20 of them and under-cutted everyone else around 7mil, but I didn't get banned, but I also cant assume they're bots. I strongly doubt sega would ban ppl for buying in the player shop.

Meanwhile those illegal AC item sellers (like PN2743848966) are still standing. Good job SEGA.

Delete this thread GMs please! And any thread like this.

Wait, so I just read this whole dumpster fire? OP is dense if this is a real post, as for the two users that got banned for buying duped items, how in the Hell were they supposed to know the items were duped? If I see an item on the market for cheap, I don't look at how many they have or scrutinize it, I just click buy, because otherwise I'm stuck spending upwards of ten million meseta for something that's a one use item.

It's good to know it's now on me to make sure that I don't buy inexpensive items, so that I can further help support the a-holes that keep heavily inflating the market, which is apart of the reason a CoD player was supposedly desperate enough to by meseta. Good game SEGA. You played yourselves.

@Anarchy-Marine well if the person is selling 1 or 2 of the same item is hard to say they are dupes, now if is 30 of the same item and is from AC scratch is hard to not notice is a dupe or that was got using stolen credit card


I wonder if you bought from me? I didn’t know how to change my user name back then and Siren Wings were about the only dang expensive thing I kept getting, then Alma Ball after that. I was selling lower like that because I was saving for something really expensive(that we ended up getting in the revival) and in a hurry before maint so I just wanted to get rid of them. If you bought on 01, might’ve been me if that eases your worry. Though this whole thing makes me nervous so I’m not doing that anymore.

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I strongly doubt sega would ban ppl for buying in the player shop.

I mean, maybe, if it's such egregious repeat buying that it's obviously involved in the cheating operation to begin with? But yeah, any ban or even suspension just for buying the wrong undercut shop listing at all would be quite a dangerous thing to do, both for players and the reputation of the game's management. We should probably not consider this to be likely unless several more reports of it emerge.