RMT bots and users are being punished now!


Oh. 😞 Well, I did eventually personalize my shop and I stopped selling after I got the desired items. Lesson learned.

Well, from how Sega has been treating the Player shops and RMT notices these last few maintenances... I guess the wave of catching players who duplicated items (remember seeing a bunch of NieR automata for a while before it was even released) and money is the big focus. Hold onto your Rappy butts, it might get rough for some players, but maybe player shops might start looking normal for once.

@Jamesmor said in RMT bots and users are being punished now!:

@Milk nah probably some did report you however you can't be punished if you didn't do anything wrong

I mean... that’s not entirely true.

He’s probably not on a list though as long as his financials check out. People do whale. People do play the market. People do all sorts of weird stuff. I’d imagine they would use smarter methods in order to not inadvertently snare the consumers that make them the most money. If an account had a bunch of credit cards declined on it, or just a bunch of different cards buying scratch tickets might cause a few question marks. Selling stacks at low prices might cause an algorithm to pick up his account, but they would very likely want more than that. Unless their algorithm is suuuuper trash, which I doubt they are that incompetent.

@BronzeAgeBrain one I was being sarcastic when I posted that, two you just decided to explain the part of not doing anything wrong if there's nothing fishy with the account obviously it won't be punished the fact that people are not being banned right away clearly means that Sega and Microsoft are checking the details over the punishments before doing it.


I know I’ve had to verify my Steam account for big purchases in the past with other games, hopefully if this ever happens it’s an easy fix. I don’t sell often, I was playing catch up to a lot of old cosmetics I missed and if I saw a good price I’d sell at cost in large batches to afford that good deal. I know at one point I was in direct competition with a couple people with even larger stacks than mine but I figured they were in the same boat. I whale for cosmetics in games, especially now with being quarantined and all. The difference I keep 90% of what I get and I don’t sell often. Now I’m really nervous!