Account suspension No.816

Upon trying to log in my account I am now getting this mssg. Is this a perm ban or a temporary suspension.

I got the same thing I have no idea why

I know they have banned a bunch of people who bought meseta from the bot dont know if its either of you.

I bought ac and sold stuff from scratch tickets

thats why your banned, stop buying meseta. its p simple

How is selling the stuff I don’t want from ac scratch tickets buy m

@FatalAzure same here. Can't figure out if it's permanent though.

@SuperND420 said in Account suspension No.816:

thats why your banned, stop buying meseta. its p simple

Dude literally said he bought AC items via the scratch tickets, and sold them through player vending, not that he used an RMT bot to buy in game meseta.

That said, they supposedly investigated accounts for it. So who knows.

@Anarchy-Marine didnt read his second post 😛 my b

@DMHNoble6 Perma banned. No explanation why. Not even giving me the option to appeal. I had a weapon ( low star ) up in my shop to get money from a friend so my guess is they thought I was getting RMT

@FatalAzure Probably not wise given all the scrutiny around the shops in the last couple of months, that and the RMT bots.

@Anarchy-Marine Unfortunately my room mate come to find out has used my account which now I put a stop to, I’m trying to get in touch with support team. Because me personally have never purchased RMT

i haven't even played in more than a month, i just go back and find my account with the 816 i cant even log in with my steam account in this page

Does their support team respond?

Apparently was flagged on steam for purchasing AC from the steam store with a new card. Got that cleared up with steam they apologized and unlocked my account. However I am still suspended on PSO and have yet to hear anything back from their support team. Very frustrating!