Bugged Arks League Reward

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Received nothing from the NPC that gives out the reward??

same i got scammed0de30456-a98f-4aa2-85c6-1d6cd8a9b328-image.png 9099f814-f40f-4729-aefd-0c13eb8e3afc-image.png

Seems like this is happening to a lot of people, I got the same result:

alt text

alt text

Side: Is there any way to make these images smaller in the forums or spoilers or anything? I play on 4K so a bit weary about the size.

alt text I didn't get any rewards either. Was not able to screenshot the blank receipt. But everyone who participated didn't receive anything.

Ditto. Blank box like everyone else.

I also got nothing. Sucks to spend time for nothing :(.

pso20201021_103623_002.jpg pso20201021_104903_003.jpg

Apparently this is what happened in April, which is half a year ago lol

1st place in my league, and...


Time well spent! 🤣

Between not receiving any of the September Battle It Out campaign reward I certainly met the requirements for (another bug, yet to be acknowledged) and this I've been duffed out of 200 SG in the last 7 days alone lol.


Same. No rewards 😞

same for me pso20201021_135050_000.jpg