Lower the number of battle blocks


There is no need for 10 blocks when all combined it wouldnt fill up half of a single block. Cut the numbers down from 10 to 1 or 2 so we can find matches faster.

The number of blocks doesn't matter, as the battle mode matching matches across all blocks.

Challenge should do this too but there you go.

The description right there mentions that matchmaking is performed across all blocks, so # of blocks has no effect on matchmaking. That being said, not like there's much reason to have this many blocks, either.

I think it's wisful thinking from SEGA, what with the campaigns to get players into BA.

All games have modes that where created to try and keep the game alive and when it fails it's usually pushed. In most open world adventure games, PVP is never really wanted, at least not like this, had it been more of a sport, with a funner adjective maybe. But look at Buster quests, and that jet bike game. Plenty of stuff.