Item missing in market

Is there a different search for the, Seijuro Kamiyama’s Hairstyle | Hairstyle I can't seem to locate it ingame with any of the words above

Are you trying to use a partial search? If so, then the item's name is likely not in your local Item Name Cache file, so partial searches won't work.

What you need to do is put in the name of the item in full (ie. Seijuro Kamishiro's Hairstyle or seijurokamishiro'shairstyle) and hit one of the Search buttons at the bottom, completely ignoring the one right next to the name entry field.

I should rephrase that and say any form not any words. But yes I have tried that.

If that is the case, there is the possibility that no one is selling it.

At least ship1 market has some stocks of the item.


@Andy-0 So how the game is you have a search cache an only limited number of items your game remembers the item.

So you have to search the item with more of its name than part of it.

So say a item your looking for is called say Rappy Funtime Couch. If you type in rappy the game might now show it up as one of the possible things an so you would have to type in the entire thing an then click the button to see if there a match of the item.