Error: 816

What is error 816?

Your account been suspended permanently, most likely from the RMT ban wave that just happened. Tough luck mate.

But i did not commit any RMT in my account nor cheated

perma ban rip

Sounds like Sega tracked down users of these RMT sites and are taking them down too.

Seems I too have been perma banned then. I have not conducted any real money trades, though i will admit guilt recieving gifts from friends in turn for giving gifts in other games. No real money was ever exchanged and but I was blindsided by section 10's article about non promotional gifting&trading. But likely my ban was as such lumped into the same boat, really sad cause i was having a great deal of fun and looking forward to new genisis. There anyway to actually try and appeal this or find a GM who can help and weigh in on this? (its probably not likely to help though sadly). After viewing other players who have been banned for other reasons, the customer support response appears to be highly automated with no room to actually appeal on case per case situations.

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Had a friend help me put my true thoughts collectively and accurately into this since I on my own failed in a spectacular sense and caused issues and misunderstandings, my biggest apologies.

@SilverRathalos Oooh, ouch. Yeah, I think that's covered under the virtual currency part of ToS.

@SilverRathalos said in Error: 816:

Seems I too have been perma banned then. I have not conducted any real money trades, though i will admit guilt trading fallout76 items for pso2 meseta, as well as content from other games. No real money was ever exchanged and maybe im blind but going through the terms of service I am not finding any articles pertaining to cross game item trading. But likely as such its lumped into the same boat, really sad cause i was having a great deal of fun and looking forward to new genisis. There anyway to actually try and appeal this or find an actual article that spells out "Dont accept gifts from friends and dont trade items from other games? (its probably a RIP still).

I haven't looked at the ToS myself, but I imagine that all trades that involve trading things outside of pso2 for things inside pso2 are in the same boat. The point of those kinds of rules is so that people can't get stuff in pso2 by circumventing the game's systems, it being real money isn't really the important part. If someone traded pso2 meseta for like, ff14 gil, that would probably be against the rules too.

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@SilverRathalos So, did you trade outside of the game, separate from Sega promotions, to get in-game items?

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This post is deleted!

Now that i took a day to collect myself, I do feel i need to correct my post made earlier. Though I said I admitted to trading items across games, that wasn't correct, especially once qouted I can see the big error that makes it look like I was involved in cross game trading like some janky business. There was no actual trades conducted, In my haste and panic being banned (plus having mild autism), I didnt accurately state that remark. Several friends of mine I had gifted stuff too and helped them out in several games who inkind "reciprocated the kindess", by helping me out in pso2. These included weapons and meseta plus cooperation in running triggers and ultimate quest. Their words to me were "returning a favor" and "friends dont charge for help". Unfortunately through my dumbness and failure to understand their gestures and meaning, I entrapped myself in my own post through sheer ignorance. So I must apologise to everyone here and who may have read my earlier uninformed and hasty post. I am sorry. I am also very sorry to my friends who I misinterpretted their kindess as "trading". Unforunately going back over section 10, even "gifts" are included in the violation, which helps none in my case nor does it aid in rescending my earlier ignorance. I thank everyone of this post and my own for their kind input and tolerance, thanks!.

@SilverRathalos you can always contact support to try an find out why you were banned. As it could be simple as a friend might have bought a duped item an when they gave it to you, your account was flagged as having a duped item an was banned.

It could have been someone in a multiplayer mission thought you were afking or leeching an had reported you. But might have fudged the facts cause there are people who are generally get but hurt over someone trying there best in a mission but keep getting KO'd or not doing alot of damage as you might be still figuring out the class an stuff.

@ShadowBlood89 Yeah, ive submitted a ticket asking why i was banned and all ive recieved was what appears to be an automated reply and about 816/virtual currency/account sharing. None of that Ive done, and this is panic inducing since not getting a reply with any details..all i can do is run around speculating and panicking. Again the silent treatment and the "been found in illicit activity", Im litterally sweating bullets. I dont know if i just got randomly flagged cause i recieved meseta (that i wouldnt have known could have been bad meseta) from friends (since i was astonished to hear that there was item duping and meseta duping in pso2, i mean i cant even believe a mmo had that, maybe other none mmos but not what id expect to hear in big name mmos like pso2 or blackdesert, tera or runescape, but now my eyes are open albiet late at this point). Continuing, I just cant think of what has gone wrong, and yeah if i did get illicit meseta somehow from friends i thought i trusted, id forfeit it all in a heartbeat and beg pso2's forgiveness and leniency. Just like some others this is my 1st offense and my 1st time evee being banned from a game since i started playing games in like 1995 with command and conquer. I guess im just honest to a fault and too trusting, and this, should i be lucky to be given a pass or leniency, is a sobering and altering perspective I'll have on my gaming life from now on. Going on to 816's account sharing, ive never shared my account with anyone be it pso2 or xbox in general. If they detected something there id definitely like to know cause now im paranoid about being hacked or having my indentity stolen. Since reading up on a footnote about "sites" selling rmt stuff, Ive become increasingly scared as to whether or not my info couldve been stolen but since sega/pso2 wont tell me anything I can only wait and see, and become potentially victimised. I plan to cancel my card ive had for 4years as soom as the banks open up as a precaution if it will help. Still, little help does any of this do me, and trying to get info out of customer support further will likely land me in more hot water. Im just not sure if they dont care or dont got personel to help at this time. All i can do is try and wait patiently (and likely fail) while losing sleep detrimental to my health. Was so depressed the other night i forgot my cpap mask and woke up about half dead, then went on a tempertantrum on the post half dead from oxygen deprivation. Ultimately all i can hope for is a GM since likely support will be closing my ticket before long. Cant even think of how to get ahold of a GM who can help with account issues like this. Sorry bout the extensive rant :/.