Question about Affixing and augmenting

So I wanna know if S grades that add %damage are better than say a base 150+ being added on a weapon so say like a total of 9%more damage what would be better in your opinion the + whatever or the S grade?

Typically % upgrades are better since its % of current total damage. Also is there a single augment that provides 150+ Melee/Rng/Tech for one slot?

To clarify, it's not s-grade but rather it is called SSA (S-Class Special Abilities) or SOP (Super Options). SSA will always take priority over normal affixes because of dmg%, utility effects or both.

The priority in which you should affix are: SSA > Phrase > Flat bonuses. Also, 150 atk is not even close to 9% dmg for the average geared player currently in EN. 150 atk roughly translate to 3~4% power at most considering average player in 70+ SH contents are nearing 4k total atk or passed it depending on class. With every 40~50 atk translating to 1%.

Thank you for the info very much appreciated so go for SSA?