Voice chat not working

I have two people that I really want to play with, and typing on the console is simply not feasible in combat, so we wanted to turn to voice chat. However, when we have it set up properly on either end, nobody can hear anyone else. Our individual games are showing the voice chat is registering our voices, but it's not transmitting to anyone else. How can we fix that?

Do you have your friends Muted on Xbox? This blocks them in-game and thus disallows lots of social features between them and you in PSO2.

In addition, Voice chat only works in parties, it does not work outside of parties. Players who have also disabled Voice Chat completely (like me) will not be able to hear you even if you go into their party and you yourself have voice chat enabled.

My friends are not muted on Xbox, and we were also in a party when trying to talk to eachother. The one time I was able to hear one of them in the lobby, our voice chat was cut off the moment we went to the gateway ship. Voice was also enabled on all sides and confirmed working by each of us, but it was not transmitting to anyone else