Is anyone else experiencing an offline situation for all ships? Or are they just all full right now. Heard the beta was out today, wondered if u should wait longer to play.

If I'm not mistaken, the beta starts in 45 minutes.

Hasn't started yet. 43mins to go.... 😧

@Ezodagrom no sweat, I hear it was at 6pm but I'm on the East coast so there could be a dely in time

The confusion stems from the "original" launch time of 5pm PDT(8pm EST) and of course they changed it before it would have went live back an hour. Once is forgivable if they continue to do this I'll just end up doing what i did during the closed beta and play non standard times 🙂

@DexterousBeing yup, the posted time is in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) so they are 3 hours behind eastern time.

Just 34 mins left!

Down to the last fifteen minute wait now. ^_^

wait a bit more!