PSO2 Station+ 2020 Oct 20

Youtube stream:

Bumped translated recap:

Level 100 is coming 🙄

And rejoice weebs, SAO collab is coming to PSO2 😑

Also Turkey rappy's are coming so it's VERY likely they will also be in NA alt text

Another thing is we got the new JP roadmap and know NGS isn't happening in January or February.


I'd be very surprised if NGS drops before summer. I'm thinking mid to late summer at the earliest. We barely know anything about NGS so far. Would be kind of weird for them to drop it on us at the start of the new year when we know so little.

Oh thank god my wallet is safe, but the autumn leaves scenery in the lobby looks very nice.

I was faintly surprised the 100 cap didn't happen alongside Luster release as a concluding progression, but in hindsight it makes sense to stagger those two additions to spread the last of the notable pre-NGS things.

The senran kagura collab was the highlight for me. alt text As a major fan of the series (Yumi Best waifu btw), I hope we'll be able to see this collab come to the global version.