Is there a problem with fun scratch tickets?

The game should at least let us exchange something for personal shop ticket.

Well after 1800 scratches approximately, I got a my shop pass.... I hate this game sometimes.

@coldreactive Remember crafting? back before they simplified it? and leveling FSH lol.

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Funny thing is, How everyone mentiones RNG, Well then someone explain to me how one of my guild mates on PSO2 day was able to get 4 rappy arks suites in row.? Is that RNG? Maybe and maybe not, Chances are I will never get that lucky. Also, this person was NOT using any sort of booster of any sort.

Thats RNG at its finest. Just like any other MMO or mainly mobiles games, My friends manage to pull every New SSR in every new banner, while i got trashed. I do legit thought my friend somehow have the favor of the company over me because I played this mobile game longer than he has and somehow he already surpased me with every new SSR characters than I do.

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This happens in any game, some people can open 500 loot boxes and get nothing and someone could get it their first try. One old game I used to play had this cool mount, people were griping on the world chat about opening 400 boxes and no mount, then my name popped up on the screen and people demanded to know my number. My loot box count was 2. RNG is entirely luck, there’s no trick to it. Likewise I’ve had abysmal luck not getting anything. Your friend had a really lucky day.

I agree here I have had pretty terrible luck in the Bewitching Woods with not even a 13* weapon drop but been with others sometimes and seen them get 13 and 14* weapons like 10* weapons.