Let the player use items in bulk

So this always crosses my mind when I get 50-100 1k FUN tickets to use on the scratch and I think it would be a really nice QoL update to make it possible to use all the tickets at once instead of having to spam Enter -> Enter -> left -> Enter to use 1 FUN ticket.

I'd even accept it if a dialogue appeared showing a progress bar as it starts using them automatically. Like how FFXIV does it with bulk materia / desynth / etc. You don't have to program it giving you all of the stuff at once, instead just using them automatically every second.

@coldreactive Yeah anything is fine as long as I dont have to spam the same thing over and over and over 50-100 times.

This is definitely something I'll bring up to the team, thanks Arks!

I think a better option than my original idea would be to add a "33k FUN ticket" in exchange for 1k FUN tickets on the swap shop since devs would only need to add a new item instead of making a very specific mechanic that most likely only these tickets would use.

Edit: I changed the ticket value to 33k because you can only have 99 tickets in your inventory so there wouldn't be any leftovers in your inv.

@OmegaNeo8603 I think both suggestions are good. The using multiple tickets option would also be useful for the SG Tickets the Mission Pass gives. If you wait until the last day to claim them, like me, you end up with a bunch of them do redeem at once.

yes please jeezus christ having to enter > enter > left > enter 100 times is not fun

This, and the ability to buy more than one exp egg at a time in pet shop, and making said eggs stackable, as those have no expiration date like bonus tickets.

Replying to show support. Especially with SG tickets, it's painful to go one at a time.

@GM-Deynger said in Let the player use items in bulk:

This is definitely something I'll bring up to the team, thanks Arks!

we need this feature for lots of stuff... SG tickets, exp tickets, boosters/food if we want to stack them to 2 hours, and FUN tickets for sure.

Definitely for the FUN tickets.