After removing one screen, PSO2 does not show

Hi everyone.

I just removed a screen from my setup and, though Task Manager and Steam tell me the program is running, PSO2 is not showing after pressing "Play" on the launcher. It's not in the task bar or anything either. I have tried running both the program and Steam as admin, using Tweaker, and updating Windows to no avail. Does anyone know a solution?

Attached are pictures of apparent activity by the program on Task Manager.

Thanks. b02e64dd-8e98-41d0-ac78-727ae1676d8b-image.png 4b90da2e-5c6a-42e4-90e4-5109464587ee-image.png

Have you tried checking to see what screens your GPU are currently identifying? IE: Your current screen might be showing as 2 and PSO2 is still stuck on 1. If this is the case, you may need to shut down your computer all the way (IE: Not hibernate, not sleep, but actually completely shut it down.)

In addition, make sure you end those gameguard tasks between every attempt at starting PSO2. Since GameGuard won't let you run another instance of the game if GameGuard is already running.

@coldreactive My PC isn't detecting any other screens, it seems. I have restarted the computer probably about 15 times now, but to no avail. It seems to be some kind of issue where the actual game isn't starting, maybe, as it's not even showing on my task bar, though the Client does.

I have gone into Task Manager to shut down everything related to PSO2 before reopening an instance, and that does nothing either. Not sure what's happening at all.

Did you accidentally create a second desktop (which can be done with just one monitor.) Those can only be switched between with peek or Windows Key + CTRL + Left/Right

@coldreactive Doesn't look like it. Peek isn't showing that PSO has a window open even. Also, is it normal that PSO2 is even taking 10% of my CPU? I have a Ryzen 7 3700X and a 2070 Super; wondering if the game is the thing actually running in the background at all.