About certain 12🌟

Wanted some outside input: are the Falz Arm and Psycho Wand still viable (at least +30 obvs) in high-level play? My RaSu is really kicking ass with that level 3 special, and I have a soft spot for my Noah/Lutz-Rune stick (my age, it shows).

Don't want to slow people down, but I like my gear...

In both cases, they had already been outclassed when the Nemesis and Raven weapons came out near the end of our Episode 3 period, and seeing as you can now get those for relatively cheap since they are available from the Unique Weapons Badge exchange, it may be time for you to consider upgrading since we are entering the point where 14☆ and 15☆s are going to be the standard (especially since everything to make Atlas and Atlas EX is readily available). In the case of the Psycho Wand, you could hold on to it and eventually use it as a skin for a later weapon via Weapon Transmutation (you can get some free Transmutation Aux Passes [that can be traded for a full Transmutation Pass via the Swap Shop] for getting classes to lv90, plus the end-of-Episode 5 UQ boss also has them as a reward).

Ah. In that case, any recommendations for a mobility-loving ranger? That "here's a boost any time you're in motion" thing has been pretty solid. Been eying the Jutus weapons, but wasn't sure. Other than the upgrade option, the Ray series seemes underwhelming

Once you hit 13☆+ you don't see as many conditional damage multipliers, and they are instead pretty general, meaning no distinction from the weapon's potential as to whether or not you are moving. Jutus is fine, and you will want to have one since you need one to upgrade into a Lumiere, to then upgrade into an Atlas EX, but the best bang for your buck until we get better SGAs (S-Grade Augments) is still a Nemesis or Raven (these are technically Episode 5 weapons that were released way early).

If you get lucky, though, you may be able to get a Spread Needle from the Bewitched Woods, and that would be a great option, especially if you have enough Ultimate Boosters to unlock its Redux potential (though it is mostly for medium-to-close range).