Can't post item to shop

There's a red circle on the image of the weapon I would like to trade. Can it be removed? I've canceled to transmutation and ownership, but it still doesn't show up as an option to place in my store. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

P.S. (Can't post a screenshot. Keep getting an error message about the system not being able to correctly upload the image)

Is the item locked?

Sorry for the delayed response. Got tied up with corralling the kiddo during e-learning (Yay for COVID note sarcasm) & "helping" with homework

No, the item isn't locked. It's got a circle on the image that's red. I know that a blue circle means "Not Tradable" and a yellow circle means "Account Bound", But I haven't run into a red circle before. When I hover over the circle, It says "Transactions cannot be made due to the following features in use: Weapon Transmutation (which I've taken off) & Add Unit Skill (This is the one I'm confused over, because I don't recall adding a unit skill to this particular weapon. Didn't even know that such a thing was possible).

Thanks again in advance for any & all assistance.

Weapon Transmutation makes both items (the target weapon and the cosmetic weapon/camo) permanently untradable/unsellable, even if you undo the Transmutation and use an owner cancellation pass.

alt text

Okay, I feel stupid now. Somehow missed that when I was researching how to transmute the butt-ugly appearance of that weapon. Oh, well. Live & learn. Just SG & meseta.

Thanks for the replies and assistance. Off to go hang the untradeable item over the mantle.

Thanks again guys!