Please Allow PSO2 NA account migration to PSO2 JP

With the rise of censorship & the decline of the playerbase in response to it.. can we get an option to transfer our accounts from NA to JP?

I love the PSO series, been waiting for this game to release outside of JP so i can spend money & enjoy the game without fear of being banned for being located in the wrong region.

Players have been leaving the game (apparently) for more than 1 single reason, i'm sure, which has actually saddened me quite a bit as i am very fond of the Phantasy Star canonical universe. but it would be nice for players like myself to at least have the option to migrate from NA to JP or from JP to NA.

unfortunately due to censorship & the removal of content that JP has in which NA was only promised but never received, it does not seem possible to transfer accounts from JP to NA. (which is why many JP players never moved to NA version...)

but there is still the possibility that the developers could offer the option for NA/GL players to migrate to JP servers.

Please remove censorship, or allow players the option to migrate their accounts to JP servers. Thank you

Sadly 99% positive it'll never happen. It'd be a good idea. They could even make money off of it by charging AC for transfer. But if you really want to you should just play JP, you won't get banned my dude. I haven't even had to use a proxy or vpn in years, and tweaker has it's own proxy system you can use if you're somewhere that isn't supported.

Not gonna happen as JP and Global have different economies and item tags as alot of the tradeable things on JP are not on Global.

Also the removal of most OT weapons and rework of some OT weapons into NT versions on Global would probably also conflict with existing items on JP. And different number of title requirement for certain title rewards and total number of titles also greatly differs from the 2 versions.

All these are going to be carried into NGS, thus even NGS will probably not have much of a chance of cross region character transfers.

If there was a way to give you something like a ticket that would validate some of your possessions on the other client.. Maybe a code or something you could use to at least have a headstart. But those things are usually not even thought about, so I doubt such a system can even be implemented in the current state of the game.

Most I can tell you is to try the JP client first. See if the uncensored portion is really worth the stuff about setting an account and any issues with being a bit more distant to the main server. I keep hearing ping is not an issue, but there may always be something where ping is important. So test all that, make some meseta, and try to build at least something there. Maybe by then, you would have enough in JP to not call it a total loss on Global... Plus you will still have that account if you decide to try NG global.

I would not mind having nothing but only cosmetics transferred (AC, SG tix used) to JP.

I could care less about my weapons, titles, meseta, and achievements being lost. At least restarting the game again in JP, you would start off looking decked out instead of recollecting cosmetics again. Heck, it might be even fun to learn how things in the JP version worked compared to the Global version counterpart in aspect of weapon building, the requirement of achievement titles, etc.

It would create a fun PSO2 experience that you accumulated in Global to how and why is JP version is different. It will create that happy medium for people who would like to play with JP peers. And you can experience the content that the others yearn for: deleted scenes, skipped anime collaborations, height restriction. It does suck that you have to re-earn titles, and build your weapon again but, at the very least, you have the best portion of your data from Global to JP anyways, phashion.

All the AC and SG cosmetics are pretty much the same from Global to JP. The only thing I can think of that is unique to Global to JP in terms of cosmetics is the Xbox emote, and the controller accessory. They have to accommodate that portion of the code to JP client or edit it out.

I don't mind starting over, I just want my cosmetics.

is not as simple as just transfering the data of your account to there, JP servers use Sega ID while the Global uses Microsoft account/Steam account, so it will need to create a new ID while removing from the original server database, then there's the items that need to be coded in the same database of the server, so is not that is impossible to do, is just that is too much work to do and even if they made possible to do it, it will be pretty expensive after all our accounts are not small quantity of data that need to be transfered, the servers are not close to each other and the still gonna need to secure that all the data will be transfered

I can totally see from that standpoint.

I was thinking if only they can only aggregate the data portion that infers the used AC, SG tickets that was used on your account was to be transferred.

Not direct copy of your character data, AC/SG expansions, friendlists, etc. But, like you mentioned. Even if they could obtain that part of your account. There will be a lot of data that needs to be transferred from different data mediums (Steam/MS -> Sega ID) and safely. Not to mention, that this is a F2P game after all. That will be expensive.

The actual solution is to drop the censorship like a white hot potato becuase its destroying their potential customer base.

It's an act of business suicide, they dont seem to care that thousands of players or more are sticking with Japanese servers, even playing with constant 300 ping becuase of the ridiculous and completely inconsistent and irrational levels of censorship on NA.