So there is no way to ever get Halo stuff and Dreamcast mag if you did not get into closed beta?

That seems ridiculously unfair

Traditional closed betas are even more unfair.

You have to be invited to the test and then the rewards are usually so rare that people RMT lots of money for it.

If the CBT are tradable, it will be significantly cheaper and more fair since waaaaay more people had access to it.

So I can buy them from other players?

That is not bad then, assuming I can get stuff reasonable priced ($50 or less)

@OmniChao if they are tradable you would buy it from the player shop.

I am not sure if it will be tradable or character locked.

Most likely bound to your account. Wanted the DC mag on JP server it's really rare most ppl who got it don't even play anymore.

Actually, when I was playing before, the one that you did get during the course of the beta seemed tradeable, unless that was changed.

I'm upset, i did the closed beta then waited for full release. Apparently the items expire and you were supposed to pick them up during the open beta. I reported this and my reply was basically. Sorry you should've picked them up. You're SOL. Note: I don't have an xbox, used a friends for closed beta and popped on during full release on pc.

Dont know if theyre account items seeing as they Apparently expire. So stupid. Ugh.