Fighter's represent!

Someone informed me to have a 200 S-atk MAG build, so here goes nothing!

Who else is gonna be fighter?

I'm gonna check out fighter. Them and braver sound cool.

I'm actually going to try out knuckles this round for lawls. Only a man would bring his fists to a gun fight 😄

Punch, ALL the things.

Punch First questions later

FiHu here!

Just a heads up, Double Saber does the best out of all the 3 with some exceptions like Knuckles doing best Burst Dmg on bosses that are stationary. Twin Daggers are essentially rarely used and are for some situations where getting height for DPS matters. Sega hasn't been kind to Fighter as of lately so people are hoping for more buffs to hit Knuckles and Twin Daggers so they can all compete together instead of Double Saber overtaking them.

Basically: DS>TD>Knuckles

I found myself using double saber a lot. Rarely used twin daggers but it has a good ranged PA.

Punched ALL the things. 😜

I personally loved the twin daggers for height combat, it was so much fun. I plan on experimenting more with switching from twin daggers at height to DS when we get to play more.

DS for sure will be the highest DPS out of all of them. But don't let that deter you from using the other weapons. You can still complete all end game content with them. So if you want to use them for personal or asthetic purposes then go ahead. If you are the type to go for the min/max of end game. The DS for the time will be the way to go in most cases.

Maining Fi or Subbing Fi was always my first class to complete. Fi/Hu or Fi/Br or Fi/Bo but as soon as I will be maxing out Fi/Bo first probably...