How do I increase a character Mel power And Dex power

how do Mel power And Dex Increase so character can equip weapons.

for characters to equip weapons and units the only values that count are the character stats without having any bonus from the equipment using plus mags plus skills that raise stats.

stats will grow with the level of the class and can also be raised permanently by the titles you get in your account when a class reach level 75 with the exception of Scion classes that their titles don't give stats, also those title stats will be applied to all characters.

so to raise dex just level up Braver and Bouncer to get their titles if not than raise the level of the class you are using to be able to equip the desired weapon.

@Jamesmor how would i level Mel And How do titles give Mel

@Golden_Syrup I already said it raise the level of your class now for titles you can just search on the internet the list of titles related to classes because I don't remember every single one of then to know which will give up a specific stat, only dex that is related to Braver and Bouncer is the one I always remember

Base stats can be raised by levelling up, raising the stats of an equipped mag, attaining the level 75 class bonuses, and by learning stat-raising skills of your main and subclasses. The last of these is not recommended unless the stat gain is substantial and cost-effective (e.g. Technique Power Mega-Up on Force).

As Jamesmor described, only Braver and Bouncer give DEX (30 each) as level 75 bonuses, totalling 60. Meanwhile five classes give MEL Pwr: Fighter (50), Gunner (15), Techter (15), Braver (20) and Bouncer (20) for a total of 120.

You can easily Google this kind of information, e.g. "PSO2 level 75 class boost", which gives this page as the first result.