urgent quest need to be more climactic

Climactic Final Monster: The Final Monster should have a party wipe mechanic

Different phases depending on how much HP The Final Monster Has

If A Player Dies They Should n't be able to return to the gateway ship and retry. They Can Only Re-join by being Revived by another player on the field.

The Revive Item Should Have Been Limited To Revival Of A Single Player At A Time.

Dont Debate On How Ps02 is made like this.

several UQ bosses already have wipe attacks, Luther is a good example that when he stops time if players don't break the swords everyone will die from the attack.

UQ bosses have different phases, that's why the music changes during the fight and they throw different attacks.

also I don't see a reason to put a penality in the revive mechanic, we are just doing short quests not a WoW raid or a FFXIV raid also PSO2 don't have roles making the revive penality evem worse

@Jamesmor There actually is at least one UQ that prohibits returning to the gateship after death.